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LJ Graphics

1300 members and growing!

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Graphics community

About Us
LJ Graphics is one of the most active graphic communities. The maintaner/mod in charge is amour_douxx
The Rules
Rules are a waste of time but of course we have them. They're simple, just follow them and you'll be safe. This community is a PG-13 rated community so just keep that in mind. There will be no discrimination of any kind or drama. This is not an open request community, so don't do it. Drama will result in banning of all members included in it. Do not steal any graphics or we will report you. Type like a normal person [n0n3 oF th1§].

One main rule is you MUST credit the maker & community

Posting Access
Want to be a maker? Fill out the application!

We do not give strikes in this community. If you break a rule, you're banned. Unless a mod decides that the action is not bad enough to be banned for.

Remember that the mods can do anything that they feel necessary.
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Layout codes by snubbly, edited by amour_douxx
Layout graphics by amour_douxx

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide